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Connecticut is one among the few states that offer information on outstanding warrants through the State Police. However, to find this information you would need the fingerprints of your subject. A name based warrant search will only get you details on whether arrest records can be found against the subject without any real data pertaining to the criminal involvement of this person. It is also possible to seek information on arrests and outstanding warrants privately or go to the criminal justice agency that processed the offender.

For instance, you could find out about the Connecticut outstanding warrants in the name of your subject from the office of the sheriff that filed the request for the issue of the detention order or you could go to the tribunal that sanctioned the directive. However, for this, you would need to have precise information about the law enforcement or judicial agency that participated in the processing of a particular offender along with details on the case that the subject was linked to.

Such inquiries will have to be initiated by visiting the police department or the courthouse in person or by sending in your request for a warrant search through mail. So, there is certainly no chance of conducting the investigation without attracting attention to yourself. This simply means that taking the official route will not be an option for anybody who has an outstanding warrant from CT to his/her name. Even if you are interested in finding third party arrest records, you will need to approach the Connecticut DPS or a local criminal justice agency by visiting their offices.

Although the state judiciary is authorized to sanction arrest warrants, the request for these orders comes from the police department since it is the law enforcement agency that needs to put these orders to use and is in charge of doing so. To get an arrest warrant against an alleged offender, the police have to put the evidence collected against him to use.

This information finds its ways to the bench in the form of a probable cause affidavit. The magistrate has to ascertain that the proof will be enough to assume, with some degree of conviction, that the crime was indeed committed by the suspect. This requirement has to be fulfilled before the active warrants can be released.

Once sanctioned, arrest warrants can be used at any time, including years after their actual issue. So, even if the police cannot make arrests immediately, the warrant essentially keeps the case open till this can be accomplished. Furthermore, all properties within the state, whether they are publicly or privately owned, are accessible to cops when working under the premises of outstanding warrants.

The easy way to find information on CT outstanding warrants

Although you can visit any local law enforcement agency for information on criminal history many would find the grind tedious. If you look for information on criminal history through a private agency, the investigation can be conducted online. Another way to find details on arrest records through the internet is by accessing the warrant lists posted on the websites of some sheriffs’ departments. Two police departments in CT that are currently offering this facility are:

New Britain City:

Seymour Town:

These warrant lists offer details on bench as well as active warrants along with the charges for which they were issued. Furthermore, you will also be able to find out about the bond amount set for release.