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What are arrest records and arrest warrants?

Connecticut arrest records are crime history information held in the central repository maintained by the State Police, which is an undertaking of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection. Information on arrests and CT outstanding warrants along with criminal case verdicts is made available to state and federal justice agencies, employers and individuals.

The term criminal history records is used to refer to a set of information which typically includes court and trial details, data on criminal cases compiled by the police and other justice agencies, information that will help in the identification of the offender, details on arrests, detentions, release, indictment, the filing of formal criminal charges and data pertaining to the other events that arise as an outcome of launching criminal proceedings, including pleas, sentences, appeals, incarceration and correctional details such as supervision and release whether conditional or after sentence completion.

Information on current investigations, juvenile records, intelligence reports and details on inquiries carried out at the presentencing stage are not included in the criminal history reports. Pursuant to Title 54 of the Connecticut Laws, conviction data which includes information on all cases that ended in a guilty verdict and criminal identification details ought to be made available to the public by the agencies holding this information.

Complete criminal history is available at all times to law enforcement officers from the state of Connecticut and elsewhere. Also, justice agencies, prosecution and probation officers along with the State Bar Examining Body are given unhindered access to this data. The arrest records available to the general public will include details on detentions, dispositions and conviction.

Employers are allowed to seek a warrant search in CT and the information offered in response to the inquiry will depend on the job position to be filled. Some agencies are required by law to conduct such investigations on potential employees. These are:

  • Agencies that offer nursing facilities ad nurse’s aide’s
  • Child and group day care centers
  • Licensed home health and child care providers
  • Public schools
  • Licensing, horse and dog racing and other betting and gambling establishments

Employers will receive information on the arrest records for the past seven years and details on all cases that ended in a conviction regardless of how old they are.

What do arrest warrants from Connecticut signify?

Active warrants find a mention several times in the discussion above on criminal history; this is owing to the usage and the importance of such directives. Outstanding warrants from CT are not restricted by the Statute of Limitations. This simply means that once a court issues such a directive, it stays in effect perpetually.

Hence, due diligence is exercised when it comes to the sanctioning of these judicial instruments. Arrest warrants can only be released after the magistrate is convinced of the fact that there is significant evidence to back the assumption that the said crime was indeed committed by the accused. The establishment of probable cause by a judicial referee is legally prescribed to ensure that the issue of an active warrant does not infringe of the rights of an individual guaranteed y the US Constitution.

How do I search for Connecticut arrest records and warrants?

One of the simplest ways to launch an arrest warrant search in CT is by using the judicial records network available online. The State’s judicial agencies maintain a database of all tribunal proceedings including the issue of arrest warrants and dispositions in one central repository.This database contains information on cases heard by the family courts, matters pertaining to criminal infractions, civil claims, housing and motor vehicle disputes.

The website of the state judiciary is available at You will find the option to lookup cases of different types from various tribunals. Criminal arrest records can be found at The form available on this page will give you the options of finding information on arrest warrants or searching for case information on the basis of the defendants name, docket number, attorney or firm handling the matter.

The inquiry can be conducted free of charge and you will find case details that go back to ten years through this system. However, juvenile records will not be included in the search results. Similarly, housing disputes are limited to cases where the landlord has demanded the eviction of a tenant and small claim disputes are restricted to matters where the compensation/damages do not exceed $5000. For more information on judicial records, you can get in touch with the:

  • Supreme Court
  • 231 Capitol Avenue
  • Hartford, CT 06106

Connecticut crime statistics

Over the decade that started in 1999 and ended in 2008, well over 1 million criminal cases were reported with various law enforcement agencies in the state of Connecticut. Approximately, 100,000 cases under investigation were linked to violent criminal acts such as homicide with over 1000 complaints and sexual assaults with nearly 7000 reports.

In general, through the ten year period, there was an improvement in the crime scenario with a decline of almost 15% seen in reported criminal activity and a further decrease of nearly 10% observed in the number of violent crime reports.

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