Bridgeport Mayor Withholds Information on Crime Rates!

It is not just the residents who are concerned about the law and order situation spiraling out of control but also the mayor, albeit in a totally different way. While community members are suffering from sleepless nights given the stunning increase in violent crime rates, the mayor is only worried about how this would impact his image in the coming elections.

To ensure that he does not suffer the brunt of the rising crime rates, he has instructed Bridgeport Police to remain tight lipped about incident figures. City Hall has apparently issued an order stating that no news concerning the crime scenario in Park City or Bridgeport should trickle down to the media.

The motive is quite clear; the mayor wants a pat on the back for improving the law and order situation in the area. In reality, crime rates have burgeoned all over the region. On his part, the Police Chief of Bridgeport denies receiving such an order. However, that such a directive was issued was confirmed by a City Hall Insider.

Normally, the story would be received with skepticism. However, the last report of a violent crime involved the mayor’s sugar coated version of a fatal shootout at Trumbull Gardens and since then everything is quiet on the criminal news front. This does raise quite a few questions!

Has the crime scenario really improved?

Contrary to what the mayor would like to have people believe, crime rates have worsened with twice as many homicides being reported this year than at this time in 2014. So, far 10 murders have been reported in Bridgeport which is double that of the 5 homicide cases lodged in 2014.

Actually, such is the fear among residents that a deli at Stratford Avenue was asked to curtail its business hours as it was seen as a popular night spot among trouble makers after 2 non-fatal shooting incidents occurred in the vicinity of the business. Under the circumstances, Mayor Finch is not doing himself or community members any favors by trying to sweep the truth under the carpet.