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Although it is also possible to find some crime history information online, at least for an arrest warrant search in Fairfield County, CT, you will need to rely on a personal visit made to the office of the sheriff or the magistrate. It is crucial to understand that information on arrest records and active warrants can not just be misused but also it can stand in violation of privacy laws.

Hence, unless a conviction is involved in criminal matters, the police and the judiciary are against issuing information pertaining to such cases over the internet. For example, you could find the sex offender list posted by the State Police at http://www.icrimewatch.net/index.php?AgencyID=54567&disc=54567. However, to get details on arrest records, you will need to get in touch with one of the state departments discussed ahead.

Since the police make arrests in connection with all crimes and outstanding warrants from Fairfield County, it would only be appropriate to contact the sheriff’s office for any inquiry that pertains to the handling of a criminal transgression.However, judicial agencies such as the office of the clerk of court and the court of the magistrate can also offer the same amount of information on warrants and arrests.

In fact, you could also find details on criminal summons and subpoenas from the office of the sitting judge. The county clerk’s department can be contacted to access the court dockets database held by them. In this repository, you will find details on criminal as well as civil cases. The agencies listed here work out of:

  • The Police: 100 Reef Rd, Fairfield, Connecticut 06824
  • The court: 1061 Main St, Bridgeport, CT 06604
  • The clerk of court: 611 Old Post Road, Fairfield, Connecticut 06224


Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Fairfield County over the phone? (Updated-2021)         

  1. When you want to do a warrant search or look for arrest records, you will have to approach the law enforcement office of the area in which the crime occurred. Given below is the list of the police departments that serve the various communities of Fairfield County.
  • Bethel PD: (203) 743-5500
  • Bridgeport PD: (203) 581-5100
  • Brookfield PD: (203) 775-2575
  • Danbury PD: (203) 797-4614
  • Darien PD: (203) 662-5300
  • Easton PD: (203) 268-4111
  • Fairfield PD: (203) 254-4800
  • Greenwich PD: (203) 622-8000
  • Monroe PD: (203) 261-3622
  • New Canaan PD: (203) 594-3500
  • New Fairfield (State Trooper): (203) 312-5701
  • Newtown PD: (203) 270-4255
  • Norwalk PD: (203) 854-3000
  • Redding PD: (203) 938-3400
  • Ridgefield PD: (203) 438-6531
  • Shelton PD: (203) 924-1544
  • Sherman (State Trooper): (860) 354-3715
  • Simsbury PD: (860) 658-3100
  • Stamford PD: (203) 977-4444
  • Stratford PD: (203) 385-4100
  • Trumbull PD: (203) 261-3665
  • Weston PD: (203) 222-2600
  • Westport PD: (203) 341-6000
  • Wilton PD: (203) 834-6260


  1. When you want access to judicial records, you can get in touch with the superior court of the judicial district which has heard/is hearing a specific criminal matter. So, for a case search in Fairfield County, you can approach the Chief Clerk of:
  • The Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District: 203- 965-5308.
  • The Danbury Judicial District: 203- 207-8600.
  • The Fairfield Judicial District: 203- 579-6527.
  • The Ansonia-Milford (only for Shelton) Judicial District: 203- 877-4293.


  1. Similarly, for information on the assistance provided to crime witnesses and victims, contact:
  • For Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District: 203-965-5359
  • For Danbury Judicial District: 203- 207-8672.
  • For Fairfield Judicial District: 203-579-6061.
  • For Ansonia-Milford (only for Shelton) Judicial District: 203- 283-8240.


Crime statistics of Fairfield County

In 2017, the Fairfield County law enforcement agencies reported handling approximately 16,000 criminal cases. Of these, around 2300 were violent offenses and the rest were property-related offenses. Criminal complaints were filed against:

  • More than 10,000 cases of larceny-theft
  • Around 1700 cases of burglary
  • Nearly 1800 cases of motor vehicle theft
  • Over 30 cases of arson
  • More than 1200 cases of aggravated assault
  • Around 900 cases of robbery
  • Nearly 180 cases of rape
  • Over 25 cases of homicide


Over 21,000 criminal matters are reported in Fairfield County, Connecticut in 2009; this has to be one of the highest crime averages in the state. Fortunately, the situation has remained steady with the growth of 10% in the rate of violent crime almost balanced by the drop of 5% in reported criminal activity.

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