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When going in for an arrest warrant search in Tolland County, CT, it will help to have as much personal information as possible on your subject. For instance, just using the last name will get you details on arrest warrants that were issued against everybody who matches the search criteria. So, you are essentially looking at one long list and a lot of obscure information.

Using the first, middle and last names can get you more pertinent details but again you will find yourself scouring through a lot of data if you are dealing with a relatively common name. Now, if you were to also include the contact details of the subject or his birth date or a social security number, you could get precise information on the arrest records and outstanding warrants from Tolland County to his name.

One more thing that you need to understand is that just because the police, the magistrate or the county clerk cannot find any arrests or active warrants in the name of your subject does not mean that he has led a crime free life. This information that is being handed to you is from the state of Connecticut alone, which means that even if the subject has committed a felony elsewhere, you won’t find out about it from the local police or judiciary.

On the other hand, if you fill the form above, you could easily access crime history data from every part of the country. This is a private service, so the results of your arrest warrants search will be in front of you in a matter of seconds. If you want to connect with a state department, you can approach:

  • The sheriff’s: 749 Tolland Stage Rd, Tolland, CT
  • The magistrate’s: 69 Brooklyn St, Rockville, CT 06066
  • The county clerk’s: 21 Tolland Green, Tolland, Connecticut 06084

Residents take about 700 criminal complaints to the police in Tolland County, Connecticut and more than 6% of these cases are against violent criminal acts. However, there has been a decrease of almost 80% in the rates of reported crime in the last ten years.

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