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Applicants will need to contact the sheriff’s office for an arrest warrant search in New Haven County, CT. If you believe that your subject has been involved in hardcore criminal activity, you could also check the most wanted list to see if you find his/her name in it. The sheriff’s website offers this list at

The offenders named on this page are all accused of serious criminal transgressions but the police are yet to make arrests in these matters. Not finding a New Haven County outstanding warrant against the subject in this list does not always mean that the person in question was never involved in a criminal act. There can be several reasons for this exclusion such as:

  • The crime committed by the subject qualifies as a trivial offense
  • The New Haven County active warrant against this person is several years old
  • The arrest warrant was issued in other judicial district or state
  • Arrests have already been made under the warrants

The last point above should clarify that there is no scope of finding arrest records for New Haven County from the most wanted list. So, if you are interested in a background report that will eventually be handed over to a prospective employer or are keen on finding the complete criminal history of your subject, it would be best to connect with a state department.

You have three likely choices in the justice juggernaut of the state: the police, the county clerk, and the magistrate. Their addresses have been given below. Apart from this, you can also approach private entities for investigations pertaining to New Haven County active warrants and arrests. To do so, you will have to fill the form above.

  • The Police: 1 Union Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06519
  • The court: 14 River Rd, Shelton, CT 06484
  • The clerk of court: 200 Orange Street, Rm. 204, New Haven, Connecticut 06510


How do you request information on New Haven County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)              

  1. For any questions about recent arrests made in New Haven County, the issue of active warrants as well as police and arrest records, contact the law enforcement office that handled the criminal complaint in question:
  • State Police HQ (Central District): (203) 630-5640
  • Southbury (Troop A): (203) 267-2200
  • Bethany (Troop I): (203) 393-4200
  • Ansonia PD: (203) 735-1885
  • Beacon Falls-State Trooper: (203) 704-1417
  • Bethany- State Trooper: (203) 393-2100, ext. 129
  • Branford PD: (203) 481-4241
  • Cheshire PD: (203) 271-5500
  • Derby PD: (203) 735-7811
  • East Haven PD: (203) 468-3820
  • Guilford PD: (203) 453-8061
  • Hamden PD: (203) 230-4000
  • Madison PD: (203) 245-2721
  • Meriden PD: (203) 238-1911
  • Middlebury PD: (203) 577-4028
  • Milford PD: (203) 878-6551
  • Naugatuck PD: (203) 729-5222
  • New Haven PD: (203) 946-6333
  • North Branford PD: (203) 484-2703
  • North Haven PD: (203) 239-5321, ext. 224
  • Orange PD: (203) 891-2130
  • Oxford PD: (203) 888-4353
  • Prospect- State Trooper: (203) 758-6150
  • Seymour PD: (203) 881-7600
  • Southbury- State Trooper: (203) 264-5912
  • Wallingford PD: (203) 294-2800
  • Waterbury PD: (203) 574-6920
  • West Haven PD: (203) 937-3900
  • Wolcott PD: (203) 879-1414
  • Woodbridge PD: (203) 387-2511


  1. For victims’ assistance, call the Victim’s Advocate of the New Britain Judicial District at (860) 515-5113, of the Waterbury Judicial District at (203) 236-8076 and of the New Haven Judicial District at (203) 503-6896.
  2. For court records, contact the Chief Clerk of Court of the New Haven Judicial District at (203) 503-6800, the Waterbury Judicial District at (203) 591-3300 or the New Britain Judicial District at (860) 515-5180.


Crime statistics of New Haven County

The New Haven County law enforcement offices handled over 22,200 criminal complaints in 2017. Of these, 17,716 were property offenses and 2,484 were violent offenses. The reported crimes included: 14,515 larceny thefts, 2,826 burglaries, 2,392 auto thefts, 1,392 aggravated assaults, 206 rapes, and 863 robberies.

Every year, almost 23000 criminal matters are reported to the sheriff’s department of New Haven County, Connecticut. About 8% of the incidents are violent in nature but the majority of the instances are property crimes. This, despite a reduction of almost 40% in the rate of overall criminal activity.

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