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This is the day and age of information explosion, so merely using your favorite search engine can get you a lot of information on your subject, including the outstanding warrants against him if these have even included in the most wanted list of the police and the DEA. However, don’t expect to be able to launch an arrest warrant search in Middlesex County, CT online.

The police and the judiciary are still relying on archaic means to provide crime history data. So, applicants have two choices when interacting with these departments; you can either write to them, inquiring about the arrest warrants in the name of your subject or you could take your investigation to the concerned office in person.

For many this approach may prove to be less than appealing and for those who fear that an active warrant from Middlesex County may already be issued against them, this option will be outright unfeasible. In both these cases, you can choose to work with a private establishment. Scroll up to find a form that can be used to access a private repository of crime history data.

To get information on Middlesex County arrest records and warrants through a state department, you can connect with the police or the judiciary. The office of the sheriff works out of 222 Main St, Middletown, CT and you will need to connect with their public services division for the inquiry. The county clerk’s office and the court of the magistrate are located at 1 Court St, Middletown, CT 06457. These can help you with details on arrests and warrants as well as some civil records.


Over the phone, how do you acquire information on Middlesex County warrants and arrests? (This page was last updated in 2021.)       

  1. For details pertaining to Middlesex County arrests and active warrants, you can contact the appropriate agency from those listed below:
  • Chester-State Trooper: (860) 526-3605
  • Clinton PD: (860) 669-0451
  • Cromwell PD: (860) 635-2256
  • Deep River-State Trooper: (860) 526-6027
  • Durham-State Trooper: (800) 256-5761
  • East Haddam PD: (860) 873-5041
  • East Hampton PD: (860) 267-9544
  • Essex- State Trooper: (860) 767-1054
  • Haddam- State Trooper: (860) 345-2769
  • Killingworth- State Trooper: (860) 663-1132
  • Middlefield- State Trooper: (860) 349-9685
  • Middletown PD: (860) 638-4000
  • Old Saybrook PD: (860) 395-3142
  • Portland PD: (860) 342-6780
  • Westbrook-State Trooper: (860) 399-7304
  • Troop F – Westbrook: (860) 399-2100
  1. For judicial records and court dockets, contact (860) 343-6400.
  2. For victims’ and witnesses’ assistance, contact (860) 343-6430.


Crime statistics of Middlesex County

In 2017, the Middlesex Police received 2148 criminal complaints, which was the sum of 1894 property offenses and 187 violent.

Property offenses included 1492 larceny thefts, 232 burglaries, 237 motor vehicle thefts and 3 arson. In the category of violent crimes, there were 136 aggravated assaults, 22 rapes, 28 robberies and 1 homicide.

The annual crime average of Middlesex County, Connecticut was about 2400 cases and about 4% of these are of a violent nature. In the years from 1991 onwards, there has been a rise of almost 40% in the rate of violent crimes.

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