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If you are looking for an arrest warrant search in Hartford County, CT, you should be able to collect all the information you need for a set fee. Now, remember, how much you end up paying will largely depend on where you go for your inquiry on active warrants and arrest records. In fact, even the amount of information that you get will be based on the choice you make.

For instance, let us dive in with the knowledge that private firms, as well as state establishments, entertain requests for warrant searches. Of these two, the third-party agencies can conduct broad brush investigations that are not limited to the state of Connecticut or a specific county in it. To put it simply, if you were to fill out the form above, you could find out about the arrests and outstanding warrants in the name of your subject from all across the nation. As opposed to this, police will only divulge details pertaining to arrest warrants from Hartford County.

Something else to consider is that while private players work online, state agencies will insist that you pay a visit to their office to pick up the results of the inquiry. The fee structure is almost the same, with the only difference that with a third-party agency you can choose to buy a membership which will allow you to conduct any number of warrant searches for a set time.

The clerk of court’s office will be the most cost-effective source of crime and non-crime history information. In the court dockets database that this agency maintains, you will see details on civil litigations along with information on criminal cases. The best part is that they will let you view this information for free and only charge you for buying the printed reports.

  • The Police: 103 Raymond Rd, West Hartford, CT 06107
  • The court: 101 Lafayette St, Hartford, CT 06106
  • The clerk of court: 550 Main St, Hartford, Connecticut 06103
  • Private firms: Use form above


If you want to know about Hartford County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update) 

  • For inquires about recent arrests and outstanding warrants:
  1. Avon: (860) 409-4200 (routine inquiries/concerns) and (860) 409-4220 (arrest records and police reports)
  2. Berlin: (860) 828-7109 (warrants and arrest records)
  3. Bloomfield: (860) 242-5501 ext. 5231
  4. Bristol: (860) 584-3062 (arrest records and police reports)
  5. Burlington: (860) 673-4856 (arrests-related information) and (860) 626-7900 (arrest reports and other police records from Troop L)
  6. Canton: (860) 693-7692 (arrest reports and warrants search) and (860) 693-0221 (general inquiries)
  7. East Granby: (860) 653-5385
  8. East Hartford: (860) 528-4401
  9. East Windsor: (860) 292-8240
  10. Enfield: (860) 763-6400
  11. Farmington: (860) 675-2400
  12. Glastonbury: (860) 652-4227 (recent arrests and outstanding warrants-information)
  13. Granby: (860) 844-5335
  14. Hartford: (860) 757-4150 (arrest records and warrants data)
  15. Manchester: (860) 645-5500 (general) and (860) 665-7331 ( arrest records, criminal history and warrant search)
  16. Marlborough: (860)295-9098 (Resident State Trooper)
  17. New Britain: (860) 826-3190 (police and arrest report)
  18. Newington: (860) 666-8445
  19. Plainville: (860) 747-1616
  20. Rocky Hill: (860) 258-7640
  21. Simsbury: (860) 658-3125 (warrants and arrests data)
  22. South Windsor: (860) 644-2551
  23. Southington: (860) 378 1600, ext. 2 ( arrest report and warrant search)
  24. Suffield: (860) 668-3870
  25. West Hartford: (860) 570-8800 ( arrest records, warrants-inquiries) and (860) 523-5203 (routine inquiries)
  26. Wethersfield: (860) 721-2905 (recent arrests and active warrants information) and (860) 721-2900 (routine inquiries).
  27. Windsor: (860) 298-4360 (police reports, arrest records, warrant list)
  28. Windsor Locks: (860) 627-1461.
  • For Hartford County judicial records- (860) 548-2700.
  • For victim’s assistance- (860) 566-3190 Ext. 3141.


Crime statistics of Hartford County

In 2017, Hartford County Police Departments received around 23,500 criminal complaints. These included over 21,000 property crimes and approximately 2400 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 15,832 larceny thefts, 2770 burglaries, and 2310 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 1262 aggravated assaults, 226 rapes, 40 murders and 864 robberies.

A very high crime rate of almost 30,000 incidents per annum has given notoriety to Hartford County, Connecticut. To add to the worries of the local residents, about 3000 of these incidents are violent and there has been a measly drop of less than 10% in these averages over the last few years.

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