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If you were to ask anybody you know about how to conduct an arrest warrant warrant search in Litchfield County, CT, they will ask you to go to the nearest justice agency. Although this advice is spot on, knowing a little more about the government entities that furnish details on arrests and active warrants will help you to conduct the investigation more efficiently.

The office of the sheriff: The police department can provide details on outstanding warrants from Litchfield County since they are in charge of serving these orders. They can also furnish arrest records because they apprehend the offenders. Inquiries will have to be conducted in person and you can get the results within a few minutes. You can also ask around for a most wanted list and area crime statistics.

The office of the magistrate: The sitting judge has the powers to issue all the legal directives available to the justice network. This includes arrest warrants from Litchfield County along with criminal summons, bench warrants, subpoenas and search orders. So, you can find out about more than the issue of just detention directives from this agency.

The office of the county clerk: This department houses the repository of court dockets. So, through them, you can find details on active warrants and arrest records from Litchfield County as well as civil case data. To launch the inquiry, you can use the public service terminals in their office.

Contacting state agencies for an arrest warrants inquiry

  • The Police: 74 West Street Litchfield, CT 06759
  • The court: 15 West St, Litchfield, CT 06759
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 488, Litchfield, Connecticut 06759

Crime figures for Litchfield County

The police of Litchfield County, Connecticut receive about 2000 criminal complaints annually. Nearly 7% of these cases are filed in matters pertaining to violence. Also, there was a rise of almost 15% in this crime category.

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